Travel information for participants of our 2024 Summer School


The Faculty Building

How to get there: The two JGU campuses are located directly in Mainz, close to the city and main train and bus stations: You will find the „city campus“ (where the theology faculty is situated) just opposite the Hauptbahnhof, and the main campus (where your language courses will take place) one tram stop further up the hill. Check out this video for a first impression of both locations. When arriving at Frankfurt airport (FRA), it is best to take the train – either the regional train RE, RB or the S-8 (final destination Wiesbaden) from Regionalbahnhof (the D-ticket [see below] is valid on all trains leaving from Regionalbahnhof), or one of the high speed ICE or IC trains (more expensive and not included in the D-ticket) leaving from Fernbahnhof.

Travelling within Germany: We strongly recommend to buy a Deutschlandticket (D-ticket for short) for the month of July in advance. The D-ticket lets you travel easily by all means of public transport (bus, tram, local and regional trains with the exception of high speed trains [EC, IC, ICE] and long distance coaches), and costs 49 euros – less than an ordinary train ticket for a weekend trip to, say, Heidelberg; it will probably pay for itself during your first week here.

The purchase is possible through the website of Deutsche Bahn or any of the many local transport authorities in Germany (most require the download of an app to your phone which will also serve as your ticket once activated). The one in Hamburg (HVV), for example, currently has a “pro rata offer” with which you can buy a ticket starting on a date in June without having to pay for the entire calendar month – useful, if you plan to arrive early and use your time for some exploring and travelling before we start. Others are offering discounts and extra goodies ( When booking, please make sure to state as start date the 1st of July 2024 (on some channels the last date for such a purchase is the 10th or 20th of June). You may also buy it at any of the travel centers of Deutsche Bahn, e.g. at Mainz Hauptbahnhof or Frankfurt Airport.

Although the ticket is not valid on high speed trains, you can still travel throughout all of Germany using the slightly slower regional trains (RE, RB, VIA etc.) – from the Baltic coast to the Alps, and from the French to the Polish border –, and use the local public transport wherever you end up, without further costs and without worrying about buying individual tickets each time you decide to get from A to B. You will also need the ticket in order to get from your accommodation to the university, and for our exursion to Worms. It is also valid on all trains arriving at Frankfurt Airport Regionalbahnhof – ideal, if you plan to depart before the end of the month.

Note: The D-ticket purchase triggers a subscription which you must cancel online or through the app you are using. The deadline for tickets purchased via is the 10th of July, if you do not want to buy another ticket for August. Some local networks and the mopla-App allow you to cancel your D-ticket until the 31st of July. Let us know, if you need any help with this.

Alter Dom St. Johannis Mainz